Blackpool Hotel Edeilweiss Hotel South Shore Blackpool Lancashire

Blackpool Hotel Edeilweiss Hotel South Shore Blackpool Lancashire


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The Westdean
59 Dean Street,
FY4 1BP.

T : 01253 342904

M : 07561403551

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The Westdean Blackpool for South Shore Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation in Blackpool. If you require Central or South Shore Family
Accommodation then The Westdean is the ideal place to stay. Situated on Dean Street in Central / South Blackpool we are close to many major attractions.
Bed and Breakfast Blackpool, Hotel Blackpool, South Shore Blackpool, Guesthouse Blackpool, Family Accommodation in Blackpool.

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Access Statement for the Westdean



At The Westdean we try to cater for all visitors in our home based guest accommodation, we cater for single, couples & families.There are no Bedrooms on the ground floor

Access to the B&B is via the front only.All rooms are central heated and have a shower ensuite. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will do our best to help you.

Arrival & Parking

On arrival at The Westdean there is secure parking, at a price, about 4 minutes walk from The Westdean.

Main Entrance

To the entrance of The Westdean there is a step which is 13cm high, between the post is a distance of 114cm. there is a distance of 100cm to the 3 steps leading to the front door, the steps are 20cm, 16cm and 15cm in height and 30cm in length.

The front door is a standard size, the hand railis 87cm high and a step of 20cm to enter the building, there is a bell outside.The distance of the hall to the next door is 393cm long and 135cm wide.

To the Reception/Dining room

From the middle door, which also has a bell, is a distance of 670cm to the stairs,

You have access to the B&B 24hrs. Emergency numbers are given in the bedroom folders.

Assistance with your Luggage is available to and from your room if required.

Public Area - Lounge

The Lounge is situated at the front of the building, the room is 400cm wide and 430cm long, the 2x2 seater settees are 40cm high, the armchair is 43cm high. wooden armchair which is accessed via the Dining room

Public Area -Dining Room

The Dining room is 73cm from the middle door, the Dining room is 424cm by 755cm, tables are 72cm high 70cm or 110cm wide. Chairs are 46cm high. The furniture is movable, there are no steps.

Breakfast is served between 8.30am and 9.15am or if requested earlier by arrangement.

Public Area - WC

There is a WC is situated at the end of the hallway, it is 170cm long and 83cm wide

Public Area - Stairs, Landings and Corridors

The first flight of stairs has 12 steps at 19cm high, 25cm deep and 78cm wide, a bannister and handrail at 82cm high.

The Landing is 140cm by 184cm, there are another 3 steps at 16cm hugh, 26cm deep and 82cm wide with a handrail at 87cm high, the landing leading to rooms 1 and 2 is 500cm long and 82cm wide.

There are 5 more steps leading to the 2nd landing, they are 19cm high, 25cm deep and 79cm wide. the length of the landing leading to rooms 3, 4, and 5 is 215cm.

All corridors and landings have short pile carpet and are well lit.


All the bedrooms have a standard size door with the handle at 88cm high, The Double beds are all 50cm high

Room 1 is on the first floor the size is 530cm by 228cm, it has a Double bed, the TV is 86cm high, there are 3 double socketsat a height of of 36cm, 107cm and 118cm.,

Room 3 is on the second floor, the room is 464cm by 225cm, it has a Double bed, there are 4 sockets at 50cm, 62cm, 80cm and 129cm high, the TV is is 173cm high and the chair is 45cm high. the shelf is 116cm high

Room 4 is on the second floor the size is 549cm by 345cm, it has a Double bed, the Single bed is 50cm high, the TV is 100 cm high, there are 3 sockets at 90cm, 129cm and 188cm high. the shelf is 121cm high.

Room 5 is on the second floor, the room is 455cm by 283cm it has a Double bed, the Single bed is 60cm high,the TV is 210cm high, there are 3 sockets at 64cm, 142cm and 210cm. the shelf is 116cm high.


All the Ensuites have a 18cm step into the shower

Room 1 is 69cm by 188cm

Room 3 is 83cm by 154cm

Room 4 is 226cm by 79cm

Room 5 is 147cm by 167cm

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